Tax Incentives

There are various programs available in many municipalities to aid and assist taxpayers who may be eligible for certain tax incentive and relief programs. Some examples of these programs are:

Current Use:
The current use statute was enacted to promote the preservation of open land in the state by qualifying land to be taxed at a reduced rate based on its current use value as opposed to the value of a more extensive use.

Putting Property Into Current Use
To qualify for current use status, land must meet certain requirements and property owners must file with the municipality to have the land placed in current use. This must be done by April 15th.

Taking Property Out Of Current Use
If land that is in current use no longer meets the current use requirements, then it is no longer placed in current use status. The municipality has the ability to issue a Land Use Change Tax (LUCT) to the property owner, which often can be significant.

Please consult with our firm regarding current use issues as we have been successful in not only helping our clients put property into current use, but also negotiating lower Land Use Change Tax bills.

Community Revitalization Tax Relief Incentive:
“This legislative proposal encourages investment in downtowns and village centers with a new tax incentive modeled on existing New Hampshire statute (the so-called Barn Bill). Its goals are to encourage the rehabilitation and active use of under-utilized buildings and, in doing so, to promote strong local economies and, promote smart, sustainable growth, as an alternative to sprawl, in accordance with the purpose and objectives of RSA Ch. 9-B.”*
*From the NH Community Development Finance Authority

This statute allows property owners who are rehabbing or building new to lock in below market assessments for up to five years. Don’t seek approvals without discussing this underutilized opportunity with us first!

Prorated Assessment for Damaged Buildings:
“RSA 76:21 provides that a prorated assessment shall be granted for taxable building(s) damaged by unintended fire or natural disaster and therefore unable to be used for its intended use.” **
**From the Taxpayer’s RSA 76:21 Proration Application to Municipality

This statute allows property owners who experience a loss of intended use to file for a prorated assessment. This must be filed with the municipality within 60 days of the event, no matter where it falls in the tax year. We are happy to handle this entire process on behalf of the property owner to allow them to focus their efforts on coping with such difficult loss.

Serving Taxpayers
Since 1993
We have been impressed with Property Tax Advisors' knowledge of assessing practices, appraisal techniques and property tax law. These skills, combined with their commitment to minimize our tax liability, have given us the highest degree of confidence in their abilities.


Property Tax Advisors and Christopher Snow have assisted us in obtaining some significant tax savings on our Keene, NH properties. We found Mr. Snow to be extremely helpful in working the issues through local and state tax officials. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and provided good counsel. 

TIMKEN COMPANY, Keene & Lebanon, NH

Eastern Bank retained Property Tax Advisors as a consultant for our headquarters in Lynn, Massachusetts. They were successful in reducing our assessment by 25%, saving the bank $121,000 per year in property taxes.  


Property Tax Advisors has served as an excellent liaison between our company and the assessing officials. We have been most impressed and pleased with Property Tax Advisors' professionalism, reporting, and results.  


When Chris Snow first introduced himself and his business to me I must admit I was skeptical. With little to risk and a lot to gain (and no effort or paperwork on our part) it sounded too good to be true. I decided to try it. We not only got a big reduction in our assessment but also a rebate check from the town.   


Property Tax Advisors obtained a $24,219 abatement for The New Meadows apartments. After filing an appeal, they were able to negotiate an additional $88,028 reduction in our property tax bill, for a total annual savings of $112,247. I would heartily recommend their services.  

William Pierce, President/Director

Chris Snow and his team are dedicated professionals who use their knowledge of property tax law, assessing practices, appraisal techniques as well as the current real estate market to represent our property.  Chris is a skilled negotiator with the local assessors. He delivered a substantial reduction in our tax bill.  


I wholeheartedly recommend Property Tax Advisors, Inc. I have referred several property owner clients to Chris over the past few years, and without exception, he has been an effective advocate for these clients leading to successful abatements, and happy clients.

Jim DeStefano, VP Sales & Marketing
Grubb & Ellis|Coldstream Real Estate Advisors, Bedford & Portsmouth, NH

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